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How Can Montessori Daycare Benefit My Child?

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Created over 100 years ago by Maria Montessori, the method used in Montessori is all about the process, and this approach makes all the difference. We believe learning is most effective when it's part of a greater context. We want students to be motivated and feel connected to what they are learning.

Children innately have a sense of curiosity. They like to explore and discover. We use this innate capability to introduce them to Montessori materials and connect subjects and concepts to the learning experience. This motivates them to want to learn more. It gives them an experience tied to a specific concept for a sense of independence, ownership, and responsibility. Its hands-on method is simple. We want children to feel connected with learning.

"We discovered that education is not something which the TEACHER does, but that it is A natural process which develops spontaneously in the HUMAN being." -Maria Montessori

Why Montessori Now

Please unmute! That is what we are hearing now in this new norm of online learning. Honestly, some children can mute and unmute, pay attention, and follow the directions on the other end of the Zoom. Still, the reality is that there is a vast majority of children, especially the younger ones who need real connectivity, not an online interaction but a one-to-one interaction. Here is where Montessori is a great alternative. The method is 100 percent one-on-one. Care is tailored and customized depending on your child's needs, working at their own pace.

See How Sunset Montessori Can Benefit Your Child Today!

These times have been challenging and difficult for both kids and parents, each trying to navigate them. However, there are affordable options and alternatives to learning if you have been struggling. Sunset Montessori Community can be the perfect solution for you and your child. Safety is our top priority during these unprecedented times. Find out about our center's COVID-19 health and safety protocols here.

Call us today at 702-433-6044 to discuss enrollment options or click here to schedule a tour today!

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