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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands

Who We Are

Established in 2011, SMC has grown organically in the community, providing a well-rounded curriculum for children for almost a decade.


Our small community has become an alternative to traditional overpopulated education. We employ seven teachers all with Montessori backgrounds.


We embark on each day with our nine core values in mind:

  1. Integrity, responsibility, and discipline.

  2. Play, creativity and innovation.  

  3. Courage to promote a just society.

  4. Curiosity, exploration and discovery.   

  5. Collaboration and community.     

  6. Clear and effective communication.

  7. Meta-cognition and self-reflection.      

  8. Critical thinking and reasoning.

  9. Education for environmental sustainability.

Health & Safety

Below are our COVID-19 safety guidelines, but we welcome your input or feedback on how to make our re-opening successful. We want to ensure you are comfortable with these new protocols.

  1. Drop-offs and pick-ups will be curbside. The fewer amount of parents coming in and out of the building is very important.

  2. We will take your child's temperature immediately upon arrival.

  3. Tascha will be clocking children in and out, but parents will need to initial the In and Out sheets.

  4. Once your child is in the building, we will direct them to wash their hands. This will be an essential safety step and we will continue this procedure throughout the day.

  5. All materials used will be immediately sanitized after each individual use.

  6. Desks will be 6 feet apart from each other, as well as the mats during nap time.

  7. The playground will be sanitized before and after use.

  8. During outside time we will do our best to come up with games that implement social distancing, but as you can understand, this may be difficult to achieve. 

SAFETY: We will disinfect constantly every day. At the end of each day, we will turn on UVC lights for 30 minutes to ensure rooms are sanitized. The UVC lights destroy bacteria or viruses.

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