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Our Programs

Explore Our Diverse Learning Experiences



6 weeks to 18 months

The infant classroom is carefully prepared to meet the ever-changing needs of this rapidly growing age group. Infant sized furniture and carefully chosen learning materials foster growth and independence.


The highly trained and experienced teachers provide a safe home base from which the children can begin to explore their environment. The environment is prepared to appeal to the infant’s need to absorb information through sensory exploration and gross motor development. Outdoor play, trips in the strollers, art activities, and music complete the program for this busy group. 



18 months to 3 years

The toddler program is designed for very young children to give them the opportunity to learn, play, share, and grow up in a prepared environment. The focus of this program is to foster the development of basic trust. The toddler’s environment is not a classroom in the academic sense but a special place containing simple apparatus and child-size furniture helping the child feel comfortable and independent. Montessori concepts underline all the program activities.


Primary Program

3 to 6 years

Self-motivation is the key to sound learning. Our Primary Program children learn from their environment using their five senses. Working with the Montessori materials helps the children master the skills they will need to begin reading, writing, and simple math. The children acquire a sound base for continuous learning.

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