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Christine H

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED My son was enrolled here for the first five years of his life. I was a first time mom and super nervous about trusting anyone to watch over him. I felt comfortable immediately and eventually fell in love with this place. The teachers all care very much for the children and treat them like family. They really do go the extra mile and get to know your child on such a deep level. The staff attended all his birthday parties and encouraged other families to interact as well. They provided a social setting that I didn’t know would exist at this age. They also taught him a lot of really great introductory lessons that have set him up for success in kindergarten. I appreciate how much Sunset Montessori made me comfortable and how much they did for my son. Kudos to Ms. Vicky, Ms. Tascha, Ms. Sierra, Ms. Luz, Ms. Ally, Ms. Natalie, Ms. Gio and all the others who touched our lives and hearts. Thank you so much!

Krista S

I was instantly drawn to the warmth and openness of the staff during the tour of the school. We have been nothing but thrilled with our child's development and care at Sunset Montessori. They are committed to the Montessori Principles as well as the Social Justice issues ever present in our society. So much growth. Will send our next child here when the time comes.

Jessica L

My daughter attended SMC from age 3 until she began kindergarten (at another school). The foundation for learning that was established in her by the school and her amazing teachers is still evident even now, when she is about to enter fifth grade. By the time we left SMC, she was reading simple books on her own, writing very well (including cursive!), adding and subtracting, and she had grown from a shy toddler into an independent and confident child. She currently reads at an 8th grade level and still has a strong love of mathematics.

Ericka C

Love this school! My first born attended this school 10 years ago and now my youngest is about to graduate kindergarten from here as well! And both got lucky with the same teacher! All teachers and staff are so loving, attentive and supportive to our kids. Highly recommend this school!

Lauren S

Choosing Sunset Montessori has shown to be one of the best decisions we've made for our two children. From the moment we walked in, we felt the warmth and inclusivity that define this community. Every child is welcomed and valued, regardless of their background or abilities. The teachers and staff follow Montessori principles, focusing on individualized learning that respects each student's unique strengths and learning pace. This personalized approach not only creates a true love and foundation of learning, but also boosts confidence. It is a tight-knit, caring community and it is evident that that teachers care deeply for their students. We are incredibly grateful to have found such a nurturing and inspiring learning environment!!

Jenna M

We have been with Sunset Montessori for a few months now and I am just blown away at how wonderful the entire staff and facility are. They are efficient with communication and use an app for parents only, they prioritize the kids' safety and encourage independence. My daughter is almost 3 and I have seen a positive change in her since we enrolled her here. Thank you Ms. Tascha for being so wonderful from the moment we first called and toured the school! Ms. Theresa and Ms. Marcella thank you for loving my baby and being amazing teachers!
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