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Why Choose a Montessori Education for Your Child?

As parents, we are very in tune with the fact that our children respond very differently to life's situations, including education. In today's COVID world, we are learning even more about how our children respond to education and the challenges ahead of them. The Montessori method provides an alternative education for your child. Below are just a few ways a Montessori education may be an excellent fit for your child.

1. Learning is Child-Centered

The classroom is created around the specific needs of the child. For instance, in a Pre-K environment, all of the tools and learning components are within the child's reach, teaching them the independence to access what they need on their own. Classroom furniture is also built for the child's size. The classroom allows for exploration for the child to learn at their own place. If a child is initially drawn to math items, they will be able to access them easily for learning. Montessori is also an environment where children of different skill levels and ages work together, allowing peer-to-peer mentoring.

2. Natural Self Discipline

While children are allowed to choose the type of activity and the length of play, the Montessori method is built around specific ground rules. These ground rules are consistently enforced by the teacher and other students. The Montessori environment naturally reinforces these skills by bringing awareness to essential life skills like concentration, motivation, and self-control.

3. Teacher Facilitates and Inspires Creativity

Teachers play the roles of guides and facilitate the child's learning experience rather than dictating what it is supposed to look like. Teachers work to ensure the ground rules are followed and encourage self-discipline when needed. The children in the class all determine the pace with which they move forward. Activities in the classroom are designed to be engaging and challenging. They build on skills from previous activities tackled and mastered. By having different skill levels and ages of children in the classroom, mentoring occurs naturally, drawing children to other activities and practical skills. Because children are encouraged and guided to choose their own actions, creativity flourishes in a Montessori classroom. Joy in the work that they do fosters more focus and self-pride in their efforts. Exposure to a wide range of geographical and cultural lessons always helps broaden thinking, learning, and joy.

4. Learning is Hands-On

One of Montessori education's fantastic benefits is focused on hands-on experience, starting from the early stages of preschool. This focus brings the child to the concrete versus abstract learning. A child will work on various hands-on activities that teach language, math, practical life skills, and world geography and culture. Teachers encourage children to focus on their own tasks and to be respectful to not interrupt other children concentrating on theirs. A concrete example of both a math and practical life skill can be shown at snack time. A child may be asked to prepare the snack for the class by taking bananas and cutting them to be shared in equal parts. The child is encouraged to use all kitchen tools - a safe knife, cutting board, and plates - to prepare the food. They are also working on their math skills, taking the number of bananas and creating equal portions for the other children in the classroom. The practical life skill is demonstrated through the completion of preparation all the way through clean up.

Choose Sunset Montessori for Your Child Today!

If the Montessori method appeals to you, then Sunset Montessori Community maybe the perfect solution for you and your child. Safety is our top priority during these unprecedented times. Find out about our center's COVID-19 health and safety protocols here. Call us today at 702-433-6044 to discuss enrollment options or click here to schedule a tour today!

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