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The Peace Rose and Self-Conflict Resolution

If you have several children at home there’s bound to be times when conflicts arise. Sometimes they are easily ended with a few words, but other times they can escalate out of control. This is certainly true in the classroom too.

With many more children and many more interactions it is even more likely there will be conflicts in the classroom. This is where Montessori’s Peace Rose shines.

What is a Peace Rose?

A Montessori classroom includes a small table with two chairs and an object on top of it. Sometimes it is a tissue paper rose, but it can just as easily be another object. It is used as a visual aid to help de-escalate a heated situation so both children can express their views.

How Does It Work?

One child holds the peace rose and shares what happened and how they feel. It is not accusatory, but a chance to truly express their frustration, anger, or hurt. After they’ve had their say, the first child passes the rose to the other. They also have their chance to share and express how they feel.

This continues until the two children come to some sort of a resolution. This could be a simple apology between them, a new way to approach the situation, and just an agreement that they should forget it and move on.

Eventually, the children come to understand that the peace rose means it is time to slow down, catch their breath, and talk calmly instead of yelling and fighting. They learn self-conflict resolution, a valuable skill that they can draw on throughout their life.


If you’re considering a Montessori education for your child, please contact us. You are more than welcome to schedule a tour at Sunset Montessori Community or we can answer any questions you have about our center, programs, and pricing.

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