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Welcome to

Sunset Montessori Community

Building a caring community of learners one student at a time.

Ages 8 months to 8 years.

Upcoming Events

The upcoming school year enrollment is open! RSVP for an upcoming tour today.

First day of school begins on Monday, August 5th.

2024 Summer Camps

Get ready for an unforgettable summer adventure! Check out the exciting themes for this year's Summer Camp and register today! 

Science and Sensory Exploration Camp
June 3rd - June 7th

Activities: Simple experiments, sensory bins, and hands-on exploration.
Benefits: Stimulates curiosity, introduces basic scientific concepts, and enhances sensory development.

Animal Safari Camp
June 10th - June 14th

Activities: Stuffed animal picnics, animal-themed crafts, and visits to local petting zoos. 
Benefits: Introduces children to different animals, promotes, social skills, and imagination.

Lego Camp
June 17th - June 21st

Activities: Daily free-build sessions where they can use Lego bricks to create anything they imagine. Organize daily or weekly themed building challenges (e.g., build a spaceship, create a zoo animal),
Benefits: Encourages creativity, fine motor skills, and spatial awareness. 

Under the Sea Camp
June 24th - June 28th

Activities: Ocean-themed crafts, sea creature exploration, and water play.
Benefits: Introduces marine life concepts, enhances creativity, and promotes sensory development.
Rainforest Adventure Camp
July 8th - July 12th

Activities: Rainforest-themed crafts, exploring rainforest animals, and creating a mini rainforest.
Benefits: Introduces biodiversity concepts, stimulates creativity, and encourages curiosity. 

Cooking and Tasting Camp
July 15th - July 19th

Activities: Simple cooking activities, tasting different foods, and creating "snacks." 
Benefits: Introduces basic cooking skills, promotes independence, and explores different tastes.

Arts & Crafts Camp
July 22nd - July 26th

Activities: Finger painting, playdough, simple crafts, and creative expression.
Benefits: Develops fine motor skills, creativity, and self-expression.



8 weeks to 18 months

Specifically designed for infants, our program introduces Montessori Life to infants and their families.


18 months to 3 years

Our toddler program is designed for very young children to give them the opportunity to learn, play, share, and grow up in a prepared environment.


Primary Program
3 to 8 years

Our program focuses on self-motivation as the key to sound learning.

Our Approach

Sunset Montessori believes all children are naturally curious, enthusiastic, ambitious, creative, and eager to acquire new experiences and knowledge.

We create a dynamic and intellectually challenging educational experience rooted in Montessori philosophy and reflective of our students discovering their individual and collective potential.


What Parents Think

“I cannot say enough good things about our experience with Sunset Montessori Community. I only wish we had found them sooner! "

Sher S.


Introducing Our New Class Pet

Get ready to meet the newest addition to the SMC family! Say hello to Master Splinter, also known as Splinty - our adorable new class pet. This 8-month-old Doodle will bring joy and excitement to our little learners as they embark on new adventures together.

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